Honey, I’m freezin’ cold out here!

I recently woke up at 4:30 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep. By 5:00 AM, my mind was a beehive of activity and out came the lyrics for this new song: “Honey, I’m freezin’ cold out here!”

The inspiration for these lyrics is the song “Baby, it’s cold outside.” I was watching the Bill Cosby Show when I heard the title of this song for the first time. I can’t remember Cosby’s words, but he said something to the effect that you …had to sing it slow and with feeling. Of course, just speaking those words, Bill Cosby can tickle your mind with hilarious images. Without actually hearing the lyrics of that song, I got the picture of a husband, locked outside of his house on a chilly night, crying about his latest mistake and begging his wife to let him in. Of course, that isn’t what that song was about. It was about a lover trying to convince his sweetheart to stay a little while longer, because it was too cold to walk home. Still, for all these years, I’ve wanted a song that would express the desperation of a husband caught in a trap of his own making, begging his wife to let him back in from the chilly cold. That is what I hope to convey in these lyrics and the melody I eventually compose. Happy holidays!

(Imagine Christmas bells ringing and a Christmas melody in the background as an intro.)

Stanza 1

Well it’s time for Yule tide cheer,
And the world both far and near,
Celebrates with warmth inside,
Ev’ry husband with his bride.


Honey, I’m freezin’ cold out here!
Baby, I need you. Can’t you hear?
Sugar, I’m knockin’ at the door.
Sweetie, I’m dyin’; don’t keep score.

Darling, I did it. Yes, it’s true.
Lover, I’ve sinned; but now I’m through.
Ducky, this time I’ll give it up.
Lady, I need my butter cup.

Stanza 2

It’s the time to show good will.
Can you stop the frosty chill?
‘Tis the season to be warm.
Will you stop the winter storm?

Stanza 3

All our neighbors rest at home.
I’m out here and left to roam.
Will you let me come back in,
To reheat my frozen skin?

Stanza 4

There’s a blizzard on its way,
And I’ll die if I can’t stay,
In a nice and cozy house,
With my hott and sexy spouse.



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