Bah Humbug to Christmas!

Several years ago, I was driving around in Bradenton, Florida. It was Christmas night and I was grumpy because I didn’t have enough money to buy my daughters anything really nice for Christmas. As a result, I was really grumpy and I began to shout “Bah humbug!” in my car. After shouting it a few times, my mind became creative and I began to chant the lyrics for a new song. Within days, I had written most of the lyrics for my song, “Bah Humbug to Christmas! Not long after that, I had an idea for a melody and the underpinning harmony. Writing the music proved to be a little more challenging that the lyrics, but even that came fairly quick when I sat down to the task. Eventually, my wife got involved and helped me to polish the lyrics. For years now, my daughters have danced to this song. I hope others will find it as entertaining as they did.

Note: Click here if you’d like to listen to my silly song, “Bah Humbug to Christmas!”

Stanza 1

Bah Humbug to Christmas! I hate this time of year.
I’d like to meet that Santa, and kick him in the rear.
Take back their toys and candy, their fruitcake and their punch,
And as for these delinquents: arrest the worthless bunch!

Stanza 2

Bah Humbug to Christmas! It’s such a wasteful perk.
I’d love to greet my debtors, and send them back to work.
It’s time to pay your mortgage; your rent is overdue.
I haven’t seen your payment; your Christmas cash will do.

Stanza 3

Bah Humbug to Christmas! When will this nonsense end?
I’m losing tons of money with ev’ry cent I lend.
They ask me for donations, expecting mirth and cheer,
But all I have for beggars is this old crusty sneer.


Step this way, sir. Please explain why, you arrived so late this morning.
Oh, it’s Christmas. Glad you dropped by, Well why not take the whole day off?
By the way, you’re fired!

Stanza 4

Bah Humbug to Christmas! I have a plan this year,
To confiscate their goodies and call the auctioneer,
They’ll put on all their stockings and burn their Christmas tree,
To thaw their frosty noses, and get no help from me.


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